Saturday, October 3, 2009

All you need to know....

....about me. For the now. Obviously, you will learn more later.

These are the facts:
1. <-----This is me. I'm 25 years, 4 months, and 15 days old. Today. I do not think I am a very funny person. (although, i do have a sense of humor) But I am right all the time. (ask my roommate!)

2. I have one younger
brother. He's smarter than me. He's figuring out how to cure cancer. (No, really. He is. He told me.)

3. I was an art major. I take pictures. Someday I'd like to take pictures and get paid for them. (most of the pictures in my blog have been taken by me......unless they're of me. then they were probably taken by a friend. such as the one posted to the left).

4. I live in Montana. I moved here to be a ski bum last winter. I liked it here. I made friends. I did fun things. I didn't leave. ( least not yet...)

5. I don't have a job....currently. Being that I am a self-proclaimed ski bum (let me clarify here: i snowboard. but i did start out skiing. i skied for 14 years before i switched.....i still call it skiing. deal with it.) it kind of comes with the territory. That is not to say that I haven't had a job since I got here. I've had 3 actually (though, i don't really count one of them. my last one was by far the best job i've ever had. wanna know what it was? i was a zip-line guide. yeah. jealous? you should be. basically, i did this all day ------------------->
AND got paid. i
was outside all the time, and in between tours i got an hour break in which i didn't have to clock out. sweetest gig on the mountain FO'-SHO'! also: i'm on youtube.......but it's not a very good video of me...) Anyway I only have a job when the mountain is open. Right now: the mountain is NOT open. (you can still go up there, of course. the mountain itself is not closed, just everything on the mountain is closed........except the front desk)

6. I have two fish.

<------ Mr. T

i got Dahlia two days ago. she hasn't eaten any food. she'll swim to the food like she's hungry, but then snubs it. since i'm pretty sure females don't have a special brand of Beta food they like to eat...i'm hoping that she'll eat when she gets hungry enough. unless anyone else knows something i don't........

I like to be active......snowboard. (i just bought a new one!) hike. camp. backpack. play sports. (i was totally a jock in high school) exercise. kayak.........basically anything outdoorsy, and I'm there.

8. I can't decide which season I like best, and it bothers me. I feel like it's a cop-out saying "all of them." But it's true!
Fall = leaves changing colors, snuggling in cozy blankets listening to the wind and the
rain, wearing layers (i LOVE layers!....and snuggling)
Winter = snowboarding. 'nuff said.

Spring = things starting to turn green again, bright blue skies, spring rains (which mean puddle jumping!), flowers
Summer = warm nights, skirts & tank tops, dinner outside, camping/hiking/swimming in the lake

9. I LOVE dressing up. Not dressing up like putting on a pretty dress and being all fancy (which i also do like). But, in this case I mean like dressing up like C-O-S-T-U-M-E dressing up.

picture 1:

Vegas party.

picture 2:
Disco party.

10. I like randomness. Platypus.

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Duncan said...

I like that picture of you on the zip line. :)