Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coolest thing of the day:


Ok. I have just discovered (re-discovered?) the coolest thing in the world. It was crafts-day with the girls (which also included a couple bottles of wine), and I was all set to paper mache a popcorn bowl (because i've also recently discovered the amazing-ness of making your own popcorn vs. the microwavable packets of popcorn. seriously, it's amazing. you can do whatever you want to it. curry sprinkled on top is good....and whats even better is home-made kettle corn.....mmmm......kettle corn.....) but I didn't really have the supplies to make it, or the space, and I didn't want to get that messy (because i would be the one who'd have to clean it up. and when i say "i" i actually mean the roommate, even though he wasn't around for the duration of crafts-day, but he would do it anyway because i would have been sitting on the couch complaining about how drunk i was and not be cleaning up the mess, and he likes the kitchen clean.....and even though he knows i would eventually do it, he's just sweet like that and would have done it anyway. then i would have gotten mad at him for cleaning - because i would have felt bad, since it was my mess and not his and he hadn't even been around in the first place, and because he's a better person than me and that would have made me feel doubly bad). Anyway, we didn't paper mache, partly because of the aforementioned reasons, and also partly because shrinky-dinks were (literally) thrown on the table. (holy blast from the past, Captain Planet!)

Seriously. These are the coolest crafts ever. You can make whatever you want......we started out the day making lotus flowers and fruit and ended by making PBR cans, wine bottles, and bongs.

They start out this big...
.....and end up this big
(the cork is used as a sizing-reference)

The coolest thing about these though (besides being able to literally watch them shrink before your eyes) is that you can make them as detailed as you want, and even after they shrink......they STILL retain all of their detail! It's like they are miniature versions of their former-larger selves! (i mean, duh, i know that's what they are, it's just that they are so amazing i STILL can't get over it) AND you can turn them into magnets!

Anyway, as soon as I find out where to buy more shrinky-dinks, it will be Shrinky-Dink-Mania!! muh-wa-ha-ha-ha (
evil laugh)

Allie: Mandatory Sex Party magnets coming your way..........

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Allie said...

That's even better than the "Do Not Hump" magnet that you gave Duncan! And guess what that means? I'm better! I'm better!

I think it's funny that you make your roommate clean up after you after you get drunk and trash the house with arts and crafts. I did that to Duncan the other day... only instead of getting drunk and trashing the house with Shrinky Dink mess, I got drunk and trashed the house with dragon-costume-making-mess and then we had to clean up because we were going to get internet installed today and the cable guy had to come over and he was probably going to rape me and murder me even though he didn't and I told Duncan that I didn't want my last day on Earth to be spent cleaning up after myself and he cleaned up after me but probably not because he actually thought that I was going to die and more because he wanted it to be clean and I wasn't doing it and then I felt all guilty but also happy because I got to lay on the couch and eat six packages of Dots while he stuffed fabric scraps in a bag. In all fairness though, I clean up the living room way more often than he does, so he kind of owed me.

That was a long comment. I'm glad I have internet again and that I didn't have to get raped/murdered to get it.