Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A eugoogooly

Sad news. Mr. T is no longer with us. He has expired. Passed on. Kicked the bucket. Joined the invisible choir. Croaked. Is worm food (which is kind of ironic, because fish eat worms). Went belly-up. Is sleeping with the fishes (literally). Has gone up to the big fishbowl in the sky.

Anyway, he's dead.

Here's what happened:

The roommate (who's finally home now! after being in the woods all summer, leaving me in the apartment all by myself with no one to talk to....except Mr. T) and I went over to Seattle for the week. I decided that instead of having someone come over and feed him and Dahlia (because that would be a little out of the way for any of my friends) we should just take them over to the roommate's parent's house and have his mom watch them. So we did. Then headed off into the sunset (it was westward, anyway.....the sun wasn't setting *quite* yet). Anyway, Mr. T. and Dahlia stayed behind in the living room (which happens to be one of the colder rooms in the house), and, apparently it got really cold that night. So cold that it snowed! And, apparently, beta fish don't really like the snow (or being cold).......and......Mr. T. just wasn't quite tough enough to pull through the night. He went belly up. Literally.

Anyway. I found out that Mr. T was no longer with us whilst stopped in a Starbucks sipping on the roommate's caramel coffee drink. Saddened by the loss, I decided to write a eulogy for our dear, late-friend, Mr. T.

Here it is:

Dear Mr. T.,

You had a very full life. I knew from the moment we met in the pet store that you would be coming home with me. I just had to have you.....you were the most beautiful blue and red beta fish I had ever laid eyes on. I bought you, brought you home, and put you in the nicest vase that I owned (which also happened to be the only vase i owned). You were also a very dear friend. You were always waiting for me when I got home, and were always excited to see me (especially when you knew that meant you were going to get fed), and you always were there to keep me company at night. You were always so thoughtful to never stay out late and make me worry about whether or not you were going to make it home alright. And remember that one time when I sat on the couch next to you, and you sat in your bowl, and we watched TV together? I'll never forget that. You weren't really much at the game of fetch (but, hey, fetch isn't for everybody, so don't feel bad), and you didn't talk all that much either.....but you sure did listen. You were probably the best listener I ever met. You were also the best guard-fish this world has ever known. You kept steady by your post at the door, and never once let your guard down. And although you may be replaced (we'll probably head over to the pet store to get another one tomorrow)......you won't be forgotten. We'll miss you, Mr. T. R.I.P


Allie said...

I'm sorry about Mr. T.

Is it bad that I laughed really hard at this post?

You are definitely a good writer, Caitlin. Mr. T would be proud. Because fish value writing ability. It's true.

Organic Meatbag said...

I pity the fool who leaves the fish alone to die! Sorry...couldn't resist...could NOT RESIST...rip, Mr. T!