Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How a fish named Rambo broke my camera

The roommate and I woke up to a little dusting of snow this morning. Oh, what a beautiful sight that was. (for anyone that doesn't know, i moved to montana last winter to work on the mountain and be a ski bum. i liked it. so i stayed. it was the first winter that i went up consistently, and i very quickly became addicted to that white powdery, no, no. i'm not talking about cocaine, i mean the white powder that comes from the sky...........anyway, i'm addicted) It may have only been an inch or so, but I didn't care. Snow is one of the most beautiful sights I can think of, because that means snowboarding season is almost here (or skiing, if you have so chosen to go that route). And the sooner snowboarding season comes, the sooner I get to use my beautiful, brand-new (last year's model) snowboard *le sigh* (it's a Pandora NeverSummer.....just in case you were wondering. because i know you were).

**this is were i would insert the picture I had taken of my new baby.....but due to the fact that my board and i have yet to have a photo-sesh, and, at the moment, my camera is in the process of trying to de-fog itself....those photos will have to wait. ps: mine is the black one **

Anyway, there was snow this morning. First snow of the season (technically, i suppose it was the second. but since i was on my way to seattle and missed the first, that one doesn't count). I was really excited and wanted to document the said snowfall. So I busted out my newly-charged little digital camera (being that i'm in the "process" of becoming a professional photographer i have like 5 cameras.....two of which are digital, one being a big fancy Nikon D50, the other being my handy little Cannon Powershot......which, i think, is/was? absolutely fabulous) and started taking pictures of our snowy deck. (that's our little tomato plant. i'm pretty sure it didn't survive the snow. it's looking a little pathetic now) That photo session didn't last very long because I was still in my pajamas and slippers, and, like I said, it was snowing. But when I got inside, I still wanted to play with my camera..........and then there was Rambo.
<------This is Rambo. Rambo is the replacement fish for Mr. T (may he rest in peace). It is all Rambo's fault that my camera is currently out of commission (hopefully not permanently, because if that is the case i'll be really really REALLY sad, and my have to resort to selling my body so i can buy a new one, because i NEED to have my cameras. i'll die with out them. i'm not even joking. i really will.) Anyway. Like I said. It's his fault my camera is broken. If he wasn't so damn photogenic, and red, and fun to take pictures of.......I wouldn't be in the situation that I'm in. So there I was, trying to get a good picture of Rambo. He's got this really cool black tint on the back of his tail, but he kept flipping around just when I was about to get it. So then I thought I'd try to shoot him from above (because you could really see how bright red he is)......and then........*plop*.......down goes my camera in his vase. (i think he was actually trying to steal it. Mr. T would never have done anything like that.....) It was hardly in there for even a second.......and I immediately pulled out the battery and the memory card and let everything dry out. That was at about 10:00 this morning, and the last time I checked (which was about 20 minutes ago) the lens still had condensation inside of it, and it was still foggy.

<------that is the picture I was taking when the "incident" occurred.

And that is the story of how a fish named Rambo broke my camera.

The camera is sitting by the heater. Still trying to dry out.

Thanks a lot, Rambo.

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bonequinhoda bic said...

Perhaps you should name the next fishie "Gandhi":)